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with Energy Link Healing

Energy Medicine is Timeless

“Energy Link Healing is simple, powerful, effective and absolutely REAL. And what makes it even better?— It FEELS GREAT!!”

You too can “Wake Up the Healer In You” – and change your life in a whole new way!

With Wake Up the Healer In You! DVD you will:

Find out THE TRUTH about how energy really works in people, and especially, in yourself; Become an even MORE POWERFUL and positively effective healer than you already are; Be able to offer your friends and family a WHOLE NEW DIMENSION of healing; Help yourself and others remember and realize their OWN HEALING POTENTIAL and re-claim their power over their lives and their well-being

This is an essential guide for your beginning healing sessions as well as any self-healing meditations or visualizations you choose to do.

What You Will Learn

The Story

You will learn breathing exercises to help you move energy throughout your body. At the core of health and well-being is energy balance. All systems need to move toward an energetic balance and a state of internal stability and harmony with all other energies.

You will learn how to use a distant healing method to get results even when those you love are not near and you want to help. Empower yourself with Energy Link Healing which is tremendously effective even from a distance.

You will learn how to work with others, including pets and other animals. It’s a great joy to use this work with animals as they usually respond very quickly and enjoy the feeling of these amazing healing energy vibrations.

You will learn how to amplify the power of your sessions by working with the 7 main Chakras and their associated meridian connections.

You will begin to work with these healing energies and cover the front and back main energy points plus the procedure for a typical healing session.

“Wake up the healer in you.”

Discover what people from all over North America have experienced through Moses’ wonderful, energizing, and healing sessions. This DVD workshop will teach you mastery of healing beyond anything you’ve read about or dreamed about! Experience Moses’ astounding teaching of Energy Link Healing.

Who should purchase the DVD? Anyone with personal and/or professional concerns in health, growth, spirituality and human potential.

It’s time to “Wake up the healer in you”!

What our students are saying...

“I was surprised at how simple it was to learn. It was a calm and gentle environment. Moses didn’t go too fast and answered everyone’s questions. Truly an amazing experience.”

Austin H., age 13, Newmarket

“Wonderful, relaxing therapy. I loved the giving and receiving. Small class size is optimal. I want to learn more. Moses is a super instructor.”

Dot D., Lindsay

“Awesome course. I felt more relaxed than I have in years. It took the mystery out of healing and knowing everyone has the ability to do this. We need more healers in the world!”

Lorie H., Oshawa

“I found the learning session to have a very relaxed atmosphere with clear step-by-step guidance to learn the technique.”

Risto T., Peterborough

“It was a very high-energy, peaceful experience. I enjoyed being worked on so it was very relaxing. I felt very, very hot when I was working on others and I started seeing the energy of others. Moses made it simple to learn this healing technique.”

Laurie T., Peterborough

“I have tinnitus in my left ear which prior to the weekend I would have rated as seven out of 10. After the weekend I would rate at three. I have had lower back pain since 1998 and although that pain still exists it did change. The pain is a result of tight muscles which has lessened and moved approximately an inch higher and is now more centered.

When I am relating to others I feel more flexible. I asked you at the workshop about how do I turn off what you taught us and you responded with…. heal the person who is in need of healing. I was concerned about feeling things from others that I did not want to feel but I didn’t take into consideration that others felt desirable things as well.

The best way I can describe what occurred on that weekend is that somehow you managed to transfer your consciousness to us and the theoretical portion of learning was relatively much less important.”

Participant at the Dharma Centre

“I have no more pain in my lower back which has been there for about five years.

The pain in my knees that I have had for approximately two years is gone. The pain in my right foot from a fall on the stairs approximately six years ago has lessened considerably.

I have an easier time articulating things with others.”

Participant at the Dharma Centre

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