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Danella Hesler

When Danella was born her parents were told her ability to learn would be limited and she would probably not be able to do math or write. They predicted she would have speech problems and someone would have to look after her all her life. They were wrong. Later, Danella was a 38 year old chef in pain when she went for a Mitzvah Technique Session in Toronto. That day was the beginning of life without pain. Her sciatic pain of 17 years was gone. In addition, Danella's curiosity turned to Radionics. Funded through a non-profit group, Danella helped 15 children with learning disabilities receive weekly Radionics sessions over 2 years and had many improvements over that time. In 2007 Danella received a Doctorate of Natural Medicine.

Anna Van Dyk

Anna Van Dyk is a mom to 9 children including a 12 year old boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Previously, Anna graduated with with her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and  was inducted into the International Honors Society of Nursing and became a Registered Nurse.  After the autism diagnosis Anna quickly began her journey into relearning and discovering what helps those with special needs actually helps the whole family.  Through this, Anna became a Kids Coaching Connection Coach and Awesomism Practioner. Combining her love for children, animals and nature and through her son's vision, Anna cofounded Spectrum Acres. This led them both to coauthor in the book "Awaken Your Inner Hero", a collection of inspiring stories of Canada's heroic youth.  When not advocating for and assisting those with autism and their families through coaching and events at Spectrum Acres, Anna is milking cows on the family run dairy farm with her husband.  Since their son's diagnosis, the couple has revamped the way they farm and now are proud producers of A2 milk for people who are sensitive to A1 milk like their son. Now, Anna is also pursuing and advocating for the need of affordable A2 milk and infant formula in Canada.

Veronica Gaboury

Bio coming soon...

Diana Mostoway

Diana Mostoway is a high school art teacher in Peterborough Ontario.  She has a passion for the outdoors and any creative pursuit.  She discovered that her daughter showed signs of being on the autism spectrum when she started her in day care at just 13 months old.  Now, her daughter is 13 and has made incredible strides, making her say, never say never.  Her key to success has been immense love, and zero hesitation to put her name on waitlists or to  try out a therapy session for speech, behavior or occupational therapy.  As a family of four, the Mostoways spend their time on the road camping throughout Canada, and visiting several grandparents in their homes across Ontario.  School and learning take a high priority, whether it is piano, sport, or mathematics, during family time.  Dreams of being a productive artist have been shelved for the time being, but she couldn’t be happier.

Michelle LeRoy

Michelle LeRoy is a mother of three ages 26, 24 & 20. She has a passion for the health and wellbeing of children and youth and helping parents and caregivers find pure health plant based options, tools and techniques to support their children in all areas of their lives, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Michelle does this through her almost 10 years a ACC Accredited Kid's Coaching Connection Holistic Youth Life Coach and a member of the International Coach Federation through which she has supported children, youth and families worldwide with uncovering their own uniques gifts, talents and treasures and helping them to pursue them in the world in a way that fulfils them body, mind and spirit. Michelle later went on to become the first Facilitator/Trainer of the Kid’s Coaching Connection Program under the Founder of the Program and has gone on to train others who would like to support children in a more holistic way through becoming a Kid's Coaching Connection  Coach themselves. She also offers countless workshops and seminars along with one on one and group coaching whether it be families or in schools and other organizations that support the well being of youth and children. Michelle has worked with children with a diagnosis of ADD, ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Anxiety, Depression, Sensory Processing Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, OCD and countless other exceptionalities and uniquenesses and is able to look beyond the diagnosis in order to establish together with the child and the child's parents and/or caregivers the most affective tips, tools and techniques that enables a child to learn, grow and thrive in a way that honours the truth of their heart and soul.
Michelle LeRoy is also a Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator and has held classes for children 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 as well as teens 13-17 years old. She has also studied and practiced Energy Medicine which encompasses a wide array of modalities and complimentary therapies in order to further support the needs of the whole child. And Michelle incorporates her vast knowledge of essential oils for the well-being of children and adults alike.
It is a pleasure to partner with all the incredible authors in this book to truly bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, education and share real life experiences to support the youth and families looking for answers and a way to help their children thrive!


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