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What My Clients Are Saying

PTSD / Trauma Coaching - U. Theoret

I never knew how much harm I was doing to myself by regurgitating old hurts and offences. By constantly talking about what occurred in the past I was held there in that negativity and therefore I was drawing even more negative energy into my own vibration. Rose-Anne helped me to release these negative energies and let go of the past hurts along with the people they were attached to. In evaluating my progress each time I used the methods which I was taught I can see that these old memories have lost their emotional charge and therefore do not impact me as they did before. I have a new feeling of release and freedom and Rose-Anne has been a wonderful coach through this healing journey. Everyday I feel happier, healthier, and stronger and I am glad to leave the past in the past. It's wonderful to be able to do these sessions virtually online so Rose-Anne is more accessible to her clients, who like me, are not in close proximity geographically.

Life Coaching - D. Runciman

Rose-Anne was very patient and wonderful to work with. I felt safe and was able to learn very easily with her guidance. I have experienced less stress as a speaker and appreciate the help she gave me.

PTSD / Trauma Coaching - K. Kernick

I feel a lot more relaxed and my anxiety is at an all time low. I am learning to let things go and use the techniques that were taught during our group workshop when I'm feeling anxious or when I can't seem to let things go. Thank you so much!

Life Coaching - K. Eliza

I used to get very stressed at school before I contacted Real Life Changes. Now, after just a few sessions, I feel like an entirely different person. I can’t recommend these coaching sessions enough.

Auum Omega 3s - Jenn Quench Essentials

“We love your product here. I myself have been taking it and have noticed a significant difference. I used to always be cold and since I have been taking it I am rarely cold now, and am way less emotional than I used to be.”

Auum Omega 3s - Kathy G.

“I started using the oil right away and I noticed that my joints were better the next day when I was walking. I go for long walks and usually come home with hip or knee discomfort despite my orthotics. Since I started using the oil my joints are fine!

Also, I noticed that my son finally got rid of a stubborn cough that was bothering him since November. Despite the fact that his diet is far from Canada’s food guide ;) and I make sure he eats healthy, he was not able to get over this cough. Now it is almost completely gone.

Overall, I feel it is a great product and I will definitely use it on a regular basis.”

Auum Omega 3s - L. from Warrenten, VA, USA

With the Auum D3A, I’ve have had two major and noticable results from using this product. The first is that my digestion is more at ease. I think it helps to soothe my gallbladder and helps me to digest fatty foods better, before it seemed they would give me trouble and make me fatigued or bloated. The second result is that my thoughts have sloooowed down. I didn’t realize this before, but I used to think too much, or spin my wheels and focus on one negative topic all the time, or even try to think about everything at once. Now, I notice that my thoughts are calm and collected; I think one thing at a time and I think it through to completion. I have never had problems focusing when I needed to, but now Auum helps to keep me relaxed and centered all the time.

Auum Omega 3s - Rose-Anne Partridge

After putting my son on Auum Omega 3, I immediately started seeing little changes that most likely only a mother would notice. My son was more attentive and was very eager to interact with me in “conversation” (he didn’t use words that we could distinguish, but the “babble” increased significantly). Then other changes started to become more noticeable. His teacher in school commented that he was following instructions more independently and was very active. At home, this “activeness” meant running around the house full speed which he had never done before due to balance issues.

Auum Omega 3s - Stephanie

Gavyn had many signs of ADHD when he started SK. He hs been on various medications from SK until now in Grade 4. He started taking Auum Sublingual-D the first week in March… just once daily before school. At the same time his medication was completely stopped. I think the Omega-3 is working well because his school has not called at all. They are unaware that he is off his meds. Previously if his meds were forgotten, the school always called about his behaviour. I am going to ask the school to start giving him a lunchtime dose. He has no problem taking it… Holds it for 45 seconds at least and likes the flavour.

Auum Omega 3s - CP, Ontario

My son saw certain noticeable increase in academic functioning after starting in Auum this summer. School was still very stressful for him. After doubling the dose to two tablespoons daily for the past two weeks, he reports school becoming stress free, doing grade level math (he was doing grade 2 math in June), reading long paragraphs in both French and English (Reading anything was a struggle two weeks ago) and fully attributes it to sufficient amount of Auum. Thank God for Rose-Anne – again!!!!

Auum Omega 3s - Wendy Sharma

I just also wanted to say thank you for letting me know about the Omega 3 that I recently purchased. When I am on my second bottle I will be filling my order for a membership. I am extremely happy with the results I am getting for my son with ADHD. He seems to be a much more pleasant boy and since I started him taking it he has eaten all his food that I put on his plate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s such a relief. I truly believe this is something that will be a constant in his daily routine. He just had his followup appointment with his doctor yesterday and she is happy with his progress. We don’t need to see her for another 6 months. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I wish I had started him on this earlier. We are all going to benefit from it.

Brainwave Optimization - Anita Hess

Brainwave Optimization™ has helped Elmer significantly. Elmer has gone from a state of being totally disconnected with his surroundings to being fully aware of his surroundings. He has demonstrated his ability to cognitively make his own decisions such as what he wants to eat or drink and when and where he wants to go. [...] Over the past several months, we have noticed his quality of sleep has increased and if he does happen to wake up, he goes right back to sleep. From my personal perspective, any progress is a major milestone in my eyes as his mother who knows where he once was along this journey.

Brainwave Optimization - Jana

I got to see Alex change right before my eyes. It was amazing. By the sixth session, Alex would ask questions about the story I was reading to him. By the ninth, I could ask him what I read, and he could tell me what happened in great detail. This was a miracle for us. By the tenth session, he was quiet and as could be. He was so much happier. I always knew Alex was an extraordinary kid. Now I am going to be able to find out just how extraordinary he is. Thank you.

Brainwave Optimization - Sam

My seven-year-old son is autistic. My son didn't speak to people nor play with children because he didn't understand what they said. His entire life changed after Brainwave Optimization™. He is now in the first grade and is reading quite well. Math is exceptional. He now plays with the other children and understands what they are saying to him and can speak with complete sentences.

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