For the Love of Our Children

True stories of hope & healing



Rose-Anne Partridge is a published best-selling author, former radio show host and iTV personality.  Her most recent work includes co-authoring The Power of Women United. As a graduate of the University of Toronto, and after her son was born with a rare genetic condition, she went on to become an advocate and wellness coach for special needs and eventually founded Real Life Changes and Families for HOPE Network and Oily Masters.  Rose-Anne continued studying brain nutrition and obtained her Brainwave Optimization certificate. She currently sits as a Director of the Balanced Heart Mission (a community helping families with children who have autism) and has created a guide on how to use Young Living essential oils and related products to help our special children live to their fullest potential.  Rose-Anne lives with her family in Ontario, Canada. You will often find her in cottage country enjoying the Canadian way of life.


About this book

Real moms and dads willing to share their stories to inspire other families...

"The problem with all the how-to, step-by-step books is they don't take into account the exceptions to the rules. They never leave room for the outliers, the geniuses, the miracles, because books are black and white and everything in real life is a messy shade of gray. So nothing can truly prepare us for the beautiful, painful things we never imagined possible or the moments no one ever saw coming."

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 15, Ep. 7


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